Consultation with Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi

Please contact Dr. Yahyavi’s foreign patient coordinator (Danial) in order to have online consultation about Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) or other facial plastic surgeries or to book a surgery date. Danial will answer your questions same as Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi.

Mobile: +98 935 666 43 46 (WhatsApp/Telegram)

Ask your questions immediately and receive your response at the earliest! Please send your nose photos (taken from 1-meter away - like below example) for a better consultation.

Standard Photo

Please use the form below in order to ask any of your questions from Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi about Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) or other facial plastic surgeries.

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    Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi's Patient Instructions PDF [ Download ]

    An eight-page e-book which will give you preoperative and post-operative instructions.