General Information (For All)

General information about nose cosmetic surgery

I am happy that you chose me, Shahriyar Yahyavi M.D. , as your confidant specialist for consultancy.

As the pre-surgery conditions are different for different specialists, here I present you with some points that are important in my work for nose cosmetic surgery and this shall not necessarily reject the work of any other specialists and just reveals my method and approach to nose job. -          All the surgeries will be done in Yas-e-Sepid Hospital. (For its Anesthesiologist team) -          Nearly all the surgeries will be done under general anesthesia (not for some exceptional cases) -          CBC test is necessary and for people older than 45, heart check is also of necessity. -          Surgery time is between 50 to 90 minutes. -          Most of the patients will be released in 2 or 2.5 hours. -          All the patients are required to take a photo of the face in medical photo center in Vanak named as Teb Negar. The photo will be sent to the office afterward. -          Not necessarily a radiography or CT scan is required from the nose or sinuses for nose cosmetic surgery. It does not provide any further information for the surgeon. -          But the CT scan of nose, nose bone and sinuses are necessary in these cases 1-      Harsh problems in nose like Sinusitis or polyps and etc. 2-      If the patient’s insurance covers the surgery and would like to get the cost from the insurance for the nose disorder surgeries. -          Bluish discoloration is not normally seen after the surgery. In rare cases it can be seen due to the thickness of the bones. -          The internal bandaging (tampon) is used just in exceptional cases. -          For patients with Septal Deviation a hard cover is used to hold the nose for two weeks after the surgery. -          My surgery is of closed type. It means that in the patients whose central shield in the nose does not require to be changed in size, no cutting will be done. -          In the closed method the cutting will be done from inside the nose. -          As my patients do not have any symptoms or other change of color after the surgery one might think that I may use lasers for operation. This is not true because laser does not have any application in the nose surgery -          The satisfaction of the patients is based on the experience I have in the nose job. -          It is suggested to use nose stickers for at least two weeks that the usage method is instructed by a video and my co-workers. Shahriyar Yahyavi M.D.

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