Nose with Thick Skins

Information related to cosmetic surgeries for nose with thick skins.

-          The skin thickness for different genders and different races is not the same. As the skin thickness is related to the fat glands, these people have fatty skin. -          The other specification is that the shape of cartilage is not properly visible from outside -          One of the FAQs is that is our nose fatty or skinny (with visible cartilage) In most cases we can see that the nose has got the specification of both types and it is not clearly categorized as one type. The best way to check the thickness of the nose is to check the thickness of the central skin of the nose (Columella). As the thickness may differ all of them can’t be set as one group. -          In order to ease the categorization I set them in four type of weak, medium, a lot and very much scales. -          Surly the results of the surgery on a thick skin can’t be compared to other kinds of noses. But an experienced surgeon can get very much better results in these cases. -          It is mostly asked if nose with thick skin will fall at the tip after a time or not. The answer is that if the surgery is done correctly and the bone is positioned and maintained carefully no fall of the tip will occur during the time. -          It is commonly asked that if the skinny nose brings back in its skin thickness after the surgery or not. The answer is as I said before the long term results are very desirable that is reached if the method of surgery is followed correctly. If not the tip of the nose will fall during the time and by mistake it is said that the nose skin has improved in thickness. -          So if the results of the surgery on skinny and fat noses are the same, what would be the difference? 1-      Most of the fat noses can’t be shaped as very thin noses or doll ones. 2-      Not a thin nose comes as the result. 3-      A very small size is not achievable 4-      A very big curve is not reached. 5-      The cutting area will be a little visible since the cutting line is not welded well enough in the thick skins. -          What shall the patients with thick skins do as precautions? Before the surgery it is better to take sugary and spicy foods out of their diets, and keep the diet till they have the sticks on their nose. If they have skin issues like Acnes or rash they shall consult with a dermatologist as these things can affect the result of the surgery. In some cases I would prescribe a medication for some patients to decrease the fat in the skin in the surgery and recovery period. I would suggest that people with thicker skins to have the nose stick for a longer time and use it even more at bed time. I hope that I could have helped you with this information here. Shahriyar Yahyavi M.D.

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