People Abroad

Information required by the people living out of Iran.

Please read the page including the information required before the surgery. If you are sure that you want me as your surgeon please leave the information of your travel beforehand with my secretary at office. -          Since the number of the patients during the year is different, please make sure to have a fixed reservation and appointment beforehand with me at the office. -          In most cases the duration of stay in Iran would be 10 days. After this time the person can easily travel back to his/her country. -          Before the travel all the stiches are removed and the patient is instructed to use a nose stick. -          Since the rhinoplasty is not common in many countries, most of the people abroad require having a chick and natural type which is just according to my personal advice. -          I have to say that I use closed type as my surgical method, and no cutting happens on the outer skin. Shahriyar Yahyavi M.D.

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